i'm mara and i love letting football take over my life and soul and make me feel awesome yet painful at the same time +

Ninety minutes never happen in a blink of an eye, much less during the most recognized match worldwide. During these minutes, the world’s eyes focus on our actions, forgetting about the merits that put us as leaders, waiting for the error or the success to condemn or applaud us. Our minds must move away from that world, they need to be centered on the three most significant points of the first round, with maximum concentration and with the desire to exalt the club. This team has hunger of triumph, their hearts have the necessity of changing the history of the last clásicos; every single one of these players is the reflection of our feelings, with full awareness that a victory or a loss has exaggerated remarks that can help us give the step we need in order to be praised by the most knowledgeable or exactly the opposite . We have to go out to win, playing without fear, without hatred, with love for football, with love for Real Madrid…with the hearts of madridistas from all around the world at the Bernabéu and with the last being the twelfth player. 

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CR7 [Underwear] (x

So, no matter how bad things get… Or how good. They always come back to the middle.
I’m not so sure that applies to a town like this.

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